CS-Cart Marketplace is on!

By Konstantin Molchanov (CS-Cart), April 10th, 2014 in News and announcements


The CS-Cart software has always been praised for its feature richness and its flexibility. We are proud to be able to offer one of the widest e-commerce toolkits on the market.

And today we want to introduce something new for you—something that will let you power up your online store with even more cool features.

Please welcome CS-Cart Marketplace!

CS-Cart Marketplace

On the Marketplace, you can find useful add-ons and cool themes for your CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor store, or find a developer to create a new extension specifically for your needs.

No registration is required. Marketplace is open to all Multi-Vendor and CS-Cart users, including those who use CS-Cart in Free mode.

CS-Cart Marketplace Catalog

Search through a variety of extensions, rate them, and share your experiences with other community members by writing reviews. To guarantee that the reviews are trustworthy, we accept them only from the owners of commercial CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor licenses.

CS-Cart Marketplace Reviews

Join the Marketplace

For an independent developer or development team, CS-Cart Marketplace is a perfect spot to promote their work to the CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor community.

If you are a developer and want to offer your add-ons or themes via CS-Cart Marketplace, you are welcome to apply for a developer account (it’s free) and start submitting add-ons and themes right away.

If you are new to CS-Cart development, please refer to the CS-Cart Developer Documentation. It will help you learn how to customize CS-Cart and develop new add-ons.

See you on the Marketplace!

We hope that both our customers and our partners will love CS-Cart Marketplace. We believe it will become a bridge between our customers’ demand and partners’ supply.

CS-Cart Marketplace is a community-driven resource, and we hope the community will help it grow and prosper. We’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions. So feel free to share your thoughts right here in the comments section.


CS-Cart Presents: Maintenance Release 4.1.3

By Konstantin Molchanov (CS-Cart), March 18th, 2014 in CS-Cart releases, News and announcements


Today, we’re happy to introduce new maintenance releases of our CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor software.

CS-Cart 4.1.3

CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.1.3 ship with the latest improvements and fixes, including the following:

  • The “Keep HTTPS connection once a secure page is visited” option is back (thanks to a suggestion posted in the UserVoice).
  • Import of translations from a PO file into an existing language.
  • The Google Analytics add-on now uses Universal Analytics.

(See the full list of changes in the changelog.)

We’re going to start to roll out the updates in the next several days, and all current CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor storeowners (with active upgrade subscriptions) should have the updates available in their Upgrade centers within a week.

If you have an active upgrade subscription, you can also download the distro package from your Help Desk account’s File area.

We’re always happy to hear from you. Please share your ideas about how we can improve our products on our UserVoice. If you find a bug in our software, please report it on the bug tracker.

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Four Community-Suggested Features to Land in CS-Cart 4.2

By Konstantin Molchanov (CS-Cart), February 19th, 2014 in Articles, Inside CS-Cart


Today, I’d like to tell you about some cool new features to land in our next major release, CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.2. These goodies will bring more user- and SEO-friendliness to CS-Cart, to help your business bloom and your profits grow.

Since these features have been suggested by the members of our awesome community, we are extremely happy to include them in our software.

Responsive Design

Making CS-Cart’s storefront more mobile-friendly was suggested in April 2013, back when CS-Cart 3 was the latest major version and the visual framework behind our storefront was 960.gs.

A lot has changed since then. We’ve switched to Twitter Bootstrap, which has made it much easier to develop a responsive storefront theme, and we’re happy to announce that CS-Cart 4.2 will play well with screens of all sizes.

CS-Cart Responsive Design

Google’s Rich Snippets

You’ve probably seen those little chunks of text under every Google search result. They’re called “snippets,” and they help users better understand what a particular site is about and why it’s relevant to their search term.

If you mark up your webpage in a certain way, Google can go further and create a rich snippet—a special widget that will show detailed information specific to your page. For example, a product page can contain its rating and reviews. This information can be shown in a rich snippet.

Google Rich Snippets

Adding the support of rich snippets in CS-Cart was suggested long ago, and we’re happy to finally implement it in our next major version.

Improved SEO Name Policy

As for now, if an item in your store has an SEO name, this name must be unique across the whole catalog and across all types of items. Some users have reasonably pointed out, however, that this behavior can be somewhat restricting.

For example, currently, you can’t have two subcategories with the same SEO name—even if they are in different categories—because the resulting URLs would be unique (e.g., mystore.com/men/pants and mystore.com/women/pants).

Starting with version 4.2, the SEO name policy will be improved to allow duplicate SEO names; only the whole URL will have to be unique.

UPD: Automatic Canonical URLs to Avoid Duplicate Pages

Another great improvement in our SEO add-on in version 4.2 are automatically generated canonical URLs. This info will help Google and other search providers avoid duplicating pages during indexation.

E.g, mystore.com/pants and mystore.com/pants?size=M will be considered the same page, not two different ones.

The 301 Status Page Redirection

CS-Cart 4.2 will introduce an easier way to move a product, category, or page from one URL to another. Using the standard 301 HTTP status, your store will be able to seamlessly redirect a visitor to the new item location, as suggested in our UserVoice.

You are very welcome to share your ideas about how to improve CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor. If you happen to find a bug, please report in on our bug tracker.

Stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook, as well as our YouTube channel, for the latest news about CS-Cart software.

Your Store on Facebook with CS-Cart Facebook App

By Konstantin Molchanov (CS-Cart), February 3rd, 2014 in Articles, News and announcements


Today we’d like to present our latest product, which introduces a whole new expansion area for the CS-Cart software—CS-Cart Facebook App.

CS-Cart Facebook App allows you to build your existing CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor storefront right into a Facebook page with a simple copy and paste.

The app works similarly to the CS-Cart Widget Mode; you just copy a few lines of code, paste them on the app page, and specify the Facebook page where you want the store embedded. Easy as pie!

Your store will immediately appear on the specified Facebook page as a new app, ready to serve customers:

CS-Cart Store on Facebook

Check out the CS-Cart demo store on Facebook.

Your Unique Facebook Storefront

Your Facebook storefront look is entirely in your hands. Use the layout editor in your CS-Cart admin panel to arrange blocks of your storefront, and use the theme editor to change its visual style.

CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.1.1 ships with a built-in Facebook style for the storefront theme that will let your store perfectly blend in with the social network’s design:

CS-Cart Facebook App - Theme editor

Get it

CS-Care Facebook App is available on a annual subscription basis for $90 / year per storefront. You can also get a free 14-day trial right on the app page on Facebook.

You can find a detailed startup guide and purchase a license on our site.

Important! Only CS-Cart / Multi-Vendor 4.1.1 and above can work with CS-Cart Facebook App. Also, your storefront must be accessible via HTTPS due to the Facebook regulations.

We’ll be happy to answer any questions about CS-Cart Facebook App here in the comments.

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CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.1.1 Released, CS-Cart Facebook App Is Coming

By Konstantin Molchanov (CS-Cart), January 15th, 2014 in CS-Cart releases, News and announcements


We are delighted to kick off 2014 with an exciting announcement: the major release of CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.1.1 with several important improvements and additions.

Let’s see what improvements and new features are introduced.

CS-Cart 4.1.1

According to our roadmap, this version is an important milestone in the CS-Cart software evolution, a basis for future development and the community-driven Marketplace. This is why we’ve focused strongly on stability and features that will be necessary in the long run.

UPDATE: We’ve just released minor version 4.1.2 with three important improvements: 4.0.x theme compatibility, XSS vulnerability fix, and Google Chrome compatibility issue fix. The upgrade to 4.1.2 will ship shortly after 4.1.1.

Still, version 4.1.1 has some cool new features to show, apart from improvements and fixes:

  • Add-ons and themes can be installed from stand-alone archives
  • Order placement page has been improved (no more “Placing order…” blank page)
  • Graphic banners can now be language-specific, so you can show different banners for different storefront languages
  • eBay product sync add-on is available for purchase
  • 5 brand new storefront styles:

CS-Cart 4.1.1: New Storefront Styles

See the full changelog on our site.


CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.0.x stores can be upgraded right from the Upgrade center in the admin panel. Also, an installation distribution package can be downloaded from the File Area of your Help Desk account.

Please note that to avoid server overload, we will be limiting the number of upgrade package downloads within the first few days. All CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor storeowners should have their upgrades available in the Upgrade Center within several days.

Important: It was announced earlier that five add-ons (Affiliate, Gift Registry, Product Configurator, Recurring Billing, and Statistics) were going to be removed during 4.1.1 upgrade. Instead, we decided to preserve these add-ons during upgrade and just make them Disabled.

Note that these add-ons are not included in the default 4.1.1 distribution packages downloaded from the Help Desk. From 4.1.1 on, they are considered deprecated, and no technical assistance will be offered in their regard.

In addition, all these add-ons have been published under an open source license on GitHub; feel free to fork and take over their development!

Bonus-Track: CS-Cart Facebook App is Coming Soon

Among the new styles in CS-Cart 4.1.1 is the one called Facebook. It has been designed especially for the upcoming CS-Cart Facebook app. It will allow you to embed a CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor store right into a Facebook page with a simple copy-paste.

The official release and pricing announcement are soon arrive, so stay tuned!

CS-Cart Facebook App

Feel free to share your ideas on our UserVoice. You can report any issues on the bug tracker.

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