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CS-Cart Version 1.3.0 released!

By Michael Gunin, Thursday, December 1st, 2005 in CS-Cart releases

We strive everyday to exceed our clients expectations and to offer more to CS-Cart everyday. Thus we’re glad to announce the release of CS-Cart version 1.3.0 with much anticipated changes and upgrades These changes include both the customer end and administrator back-end to ensure user-friendly and efficient navigation and operation for both CS-Cart owners and users!

New features:

  • Upgrade center added. Allows upgrade CS-Cart software to the latest versions using automated upgrade system.
  • Site news and emails/newsletter add-on.
  • New ‘Customers who bought this product also bought’ module added
  • Integrated JavaScript-based template editor
  • MySQL 5 compatibility (SQL’99 compliant queries)
  • Advanced inventory tracking options
  • Product features. Allows define extra data field for the products.
  • Ads addon. The ability to put graphical and/or text advertisement on various parts of the store
  • Improved checkout process.

CS-Cart Online Demo

We have also upgraded our demo site located at to include all the above mentioned additions and upgrades. Feel free to view the demo and browse around the store to view all the features of CS-Cart in action.