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Release of CS-Cart 2.0 Beta 2

By Michael Gunin, Wednesday, December 24th, 2008 in CS-Cart releases

We would like to announce the release of CS-Cart 2.0 Beta 2. As compared to beta 1, this version has the following major changes and improvements:

  • MySQLi database access wrapper: problems with session saving were resolved.
  • Promotions: ability to set conditions using product features is added.
  • Promotions: free shipping applies to selected shipping method now.
  • Promotions: quantity and options can be set for free products now.
  • Directories restructurization: the “include” directory renamed to “controllers”, prefixes added to script in the “core” directory.
  • Open/close store link added to bottom panel in administrative area.
  • Image previewer was redesigned in customer area.
  • Automatic upgrade center is added (but disabled in beta).
  • Form validator messages became more user-friendly, extended and improved.
  • The “Shipping address the same as billing” check box replaced with “Ship to different address”, logic also changed.
  • Credit card validation script replaced with a new one and became part of default form fields validation.
  • New field types added to the “Profile fields” page: “zip/postal code” and “phone”.

Also, a number of bug fixes were applied to CS-Cart 2.0 Beta 2.

Thanks a lot to everyone who tested beta 1 and helped us improve it to beta 2.

Click here to dowload CS-Cart 2.0 Beta 2!

CS-Cart support services improvement

By Michael Gunin, Monday, December 8th, 2008 in News and announcements

We would like to announce that, beginning January 12 19, 2009, we will implement a new type of technical support – issue based support. Now along with support periods, technical support credits will be available for CS-Cart users.

This new type of technical support involves assessment of the complexity of a request. And depending on the amount of work required and scope of the request, some number of credits will be deducted from a credit account.

One of the main advantages of issue based support is that credits do not expire. And if you apply to the CS-Cart support team not very often, this type of technical support will be extremely convenient for you.

More detailed information on the issue based support system is given on the Technical support page.