CS-Cart 2.0 Beta 3 is released

Beta 3 includes various bug fixes as well as several improvements, the main of which is activation of Upgrade Center allowing to upgrade the installed CS-Cart up to the latest version via the web-interface.

Starting from CS-Cart 2.0 Beta 3, Upgrade Center will automatically receive information about all available updates from our server and display a notification for the administrator.

Installation of the updates is carried out on the Upgrade Center page in the CS-Cart admin panel. If access permissions do not allow to update some files, the system will prompt to enter FTP access details (they are not passed to our server).

All the original files, replaced during the upgrade, are saved in a special folder. Also it is possible to cancel the changes one by one and return to previous versions.

We hope that the new upgrade system will considerably simplify your store upgrade and make CS-Cart experience more user-friendly.

Click here to dowload CS-Cart 2.0 Beta 3!

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