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CS-Cart on Twitter

By Michael Gunin, Friday, October 30th, 2009 in News and announcements

Twitter is getting more and more popular, since microblogging turns out to be a suitable format for many people to share news, messages and links to interesting resources in a brief, “SMS-like” format.

CS-Cart does not want to stay behind, so we would like to invite you to follow us via @cscart on Twitter. You will find some insights regarding the upcoming versions development process, information on our major news and some articles which are worth sharing.

By the way, what social networks do you use, and why? Are they of any practical use for you?

Follow our news via CS-Cart blog!

By Michael Gunin, Wednesday, October 21st, 2009 in News and announcements

We would like to announce that CS-Cart websites news section has been combined with the blog. Now you can follow our announcements together with articles, tips and tricks.

We hope that this will be a more convenient way for you to follow the development of CS-Cart and get new knowledge from a single source. Please, do not forget to subscribe to our RSS feed in order to receive the updates as soon as possible!

CS-Cart reviewed at

By Michael Gunin, Monday, October 12th, 2009 in In the press, one of the most popular ecommerce resources worldwide, has recently featured CS-Cart as “The Next Wave of Shopping Carts”.

The article is written by Mark Baartse, the owner of Shopping Cart (the leading shopping cart information website). Mark shares his experience with CS-Cart in detail, and we’re very glad to know that his opinion is very positive.

Full access to forum for trial license owners

By Michael Gunin, Wednesday, October 7th, 2009 in News and announcements

Good news for owners of the CS-Cart trial license! From now on, after registration on the CS-Cart forum you will be able not only to read messages but also to post your own ones.

In order to register on the forum with full set of permissions, please, use your Help Desk account credentials received after downloading the trial. On the forum you will have exactly the same privileges as the registered license owners. And no restriction will be imposed on you.

Leave your messages and comments in any thread! You are welcome to the CS-Cart forum!