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CS-Cart is at version 2.0.10

By Michael Gunin, Tuesday, November 24th, 2009 in CS-Cart releases

We are glad to inform you about a new release of CS-Cart which is now at version 2.0.10.

This version has important bug fixes and minor enhancements.

Please, refer to the changelog for the detailed list of changes taken place in the release.

Introducing updated web design services and portfolio

By Michael Gunin, Tuesday, November 24th, 2009 in News and announcements

We have made a major update to a web design section on our website. The description of design services has been enhanced in order to make things clearer.

Most popular services can now be ordered via pre-defined design packages. It allows to make a more convenient choice and quickly find out what can be achieved within your budget. For each service, you can browse the examples of our past projects and find out about the possible options you can order.

Our design portfolio has also become available, so now you can see the scope and quality of the work we have already done.

Please, remember that we can always arrange an individual proposal which will be the most suitable for your business, therefore, feel free to contact us and request a quote for your design project.

CS-Cart 2.0.9 is out!

By Michael Gunin, Thursday, November 12th, 2009 in CS-Cart releases

We would like to announce the release of CS-Cart 2.0.9. The latest version includes significant enhancement of free built-in modules set, as well as notable additions to the existing ones.

Recurring billing

Recurring billing is a new tool for creating subscription-based products with the ability to define initial product prices, billing frequency and time period. Such an approach is especially useful for membership fees, subscription services, hosting plans and other items where customers receive ongoing value. Recurring plans can be applied to any number of products, and each individual product can also be associated with several subscription plans.

Recurring plan creation

Recurring plan creation

Google Sitemap

Google Sitemap module, as it can be seen from the name, generates the XML site map which makes website indexing easier for Google (and other search engines). A site map allows search robots to define the location of website pages, the time of their last update and its frequency in order to index the website more effectively. This is especially important for big stores with a large number of pages.

File upload for products

There is now a possibility to use a file upload field as a product option. It is especially useful for customizable products (like t-shirts, mugs or postcards) where a customer can use his own graphic image to order a custom product.

Custom image upload for a product

Custom image upload for a product

Data feeds

Another new add-on, Data feeds, allows administrators to create any number of product data formats for export (using various data field sets). Such an approach allows to work with shopping directories (like Google Product Search, Shopzilla,, etc.) and adjust the field configuration (in case of a format change) accordingly through the easy to use interface.

However, the main idea here is allowing to either upload a resulting export file to FTP server, save it on a web server or simply download it (like in a regular export). Moreover, it is possible to create CRON tasks for individual feeds in order to generate and upload them via FTP on a regular basis (for example, daily or weekly).

Price list

The Price list add-on provides the opportunity for customers to get the product catalog in a convenient price list format (similar to those available in PC stores). A price list can be downloaded as a PDF or Microsoft Excel file, and the format of information can be customized by the store administrator. It is also possible to add product images into a price list (for PDF format only).

Creation of a price list

Creation of a price list

User groups

Membership levels are now called User groups and provide an extended functionality: a user can now be a member of several groups (not only one, as before). Besides, customers are able to unsubscribe from groups or, on the contrary, send applications for inclusion. Objects can also be associated with several groups, and (besides categories, payments, shippings and attachments) pages and products can now be made available only for particular user groups.

Other improvements

Other noteworthy features (related to previously available add-ons) include: the new type of design block (HTML block) and the ability to change the order of product tabs and add new ones. For example, you can create a new tab called “shipping details” for a particular product and describe the corresponding information within it.

For the full list of changes in this version, please refer to the changelog.

Holiday closure notice

By Michael Gunin, Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009 in News and announcements

The CS-Cart office will be closed on November 4 due to a national holiday.

All requests made on this day will be processed starting the next business day, November 5.

Thank you for your understanding.