Today we introduce a new version of our website The site now features a brand new look-n-feel created by our design team and the improved navigation system that includes a drop-down menu at the top and a revamped navigation bar on the right allowing you to access the necessary information in a few clicks. navigation box navigation box

We are especially proud that the new is built around the latest branch of CS-Cart, which is under development yet. This was extremely helpful for us to see our product in action and better understand its highs and lows as an exhaustive platform for a comprehensive ecommerce website, not just a powerful shopping cart component. While working on the new site, we fixed several bugs and made a number of useful improvements to the prospective CS-Cart 2.1 scheduled for this summer.

With regard to the site content, the new site still copies the old We have started to design a more clear site structure as well as revise the content to make it visual, pithy and concise. And we are open to any suggestions and advice, so you can influence the future of

Please leave you feedback in the comments to this post.

5 Responses to “New”

  1. Joe Anderson says:

    1. some customers wish to be able to enter at least 2 email contact addresses: a “customer contact” and an “Accounts Contact” email address.
    2. Each product needs a CURRENCY field so that each product can be priced in its own currency. The product price would be convertd to the customers selected currency.

    • Alexey Karpukhin says:

      Hi Joe,

      I guess, your comment is all about the CS-Cart software, not our new website. So, you’re welcome to suggest your idea about the software at , and if other CS-Cart user vote for your idea, we will include the suggested functionality in one of the future CS-Cart releases.

      Thank you.

  2. Wei says:

    Would be a good idea to include a forum function with the site, as social networking marketing is getting popular.

    In addition, a support ticket function would be a nice to have function as well.

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