Small things that do matter: new features in CS-Cart 3


Major CS-Cart 3 is currently under super-intensive development. Although our main forces are now concentrated on the major features like multi-store functionality and new look and feel of the customer area, there will be a number of smaller yet quiet interesting features I’d like to mention. Those features mainly aim to improve usability of the admin panel and give more control in some specific occasions.

´╗┐Color Coded Order Screen

Color coding is a very convenient way to speed up order processing. It’ll be possible to assign any color to a particular order status. Having orders coded this way you are far less likely to make unintentional order modifications.

Color Coded Orders

Subscribers Export/Import

Having a huge mailing list transferred may be a real mess as far as there is currently no way to automate it. Luckily, in the upcoming release this problem will be solved: it’ll be possible to save a newsletter subscribers list as a CSV file as well as restore data from such a file.

RSS Feed Add-on

This add-on explains it all by itself. The long-awaited feature, it’s been among the top requests in our UserVoice. It will be a customizable add-on that’ll make it possible to provide customers with the latest news and product information in RSS 2.0 format.

Show Bought Products from Selected Orders

This is another highly-user-voted feature to be included in the next version. It will allow to select multiple orders and get the list of products purchased within them. It’s super-convenient, for example, when you need to see how many and what items have been sold in a particular period of time. But not only in this case: orders are flexibly filterable and so are the purchased products!

Get Purchased Products for Selected=

Taxes for Payment Surcharges

It came to our attention that the powerful CS-Cart tax system does not cover some specific situations. In some European countries taxes must be applied to surcharges by law, and in CS-Cart 3 it will be possible to set up taxes to fit that condition.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to develop all top-voted features at once. Features differ in scale and resource-consumption, and normally the dev team does one major and a number of smaller minor tasks simultaneously. The main large-scale task for now is Multi-Store functionality, so the others like Invoices and Packing Slips Editing have to be put in queue.

Stay tuned to our blog to get the latest dev news about CS-Cart. Good bye and take care!

52 Responses to “Small things that do matter: new features in CS-Cart 3”

  1. Karl says:

    Any hint of what the new store front will look like and any clue when it will be released? Got an ecommerce project on the horizon.

  2. Mikel says:

    Is there any beta 3.0 version for testing?

  3. Denis says:

    Jesus! New design looks very cool!!

  4. Kirill says:

    Database has been changed?
    If “yes” what kind of changes?


  5. Denis says:

    How will the top menu (the one that’s initially hidden and pops up on hover) behave if it contains elements without subcategories? Will all the elements be put under one line, or will there be a possibility to point where a particular element should be placed?

    And another question is, is it hard to redesign interface for such an element? Will there be something like Blocks with Drag&Drop? If one could define the number of columns in, say, “TV and Photo”, then it would improve the menu appearance.

    If you didn’t get what I mean, I could try to bring in a mock-up screenshot of what I am writing about.

  6. Adam says:

    This is great news! Wonderful to see you improving the product. I am very pleased to be a CS-Cart customer.

    Don’t forget to work on the social media aspects of eCommerce as well.

  7. Karrde says:

    Currently there are a Quick Links and a Top Menu. Will we get a separate Footer Menu? So that we don’t have to use the same links in the buttom as in the top. So that we can build a Footer Menu like

    • Karrde says:

      The example is a Megtento Store.

      • Denis says:

        If you want this thing, you may contact me via cs-cart forum – account name – N1XUS, I will help you with this menu

    • Hello,

      the Block manager will be seriously improved, and the footer problem will be solved with the help of custom blocks: it will be possible to create and fill a block and then put it anywhere on the page (including the footer area).

  8. boo says:

    More focus on mobile. After all this time, there’s still no multi-vendor mobile app. And even the Android app is still in beta.

  9. Jasmine says:

    I have done some customization on the software, they are actually done by your team. I wonder how easy or difficult it is to upgrade to the latest version… have been thinking to upgrade for a year! Haha…

  10. RonaldoSl says:

    One advice….A Blog addon or more option on the “News” part, like category the news, share news (facebook, g+ etc), tags, author,…to be short…the News addon must look and work more like a blog.

    Keep the Great Job…

  11. Colchones Dormitia says:

    Looks great, but a lot of features / requirements are missing.

    Improved Product Configurator for consider options of subproducts
    Product price Matrix for products with complex configurations
    Standard Jquery version
    Improved estructure for plugins for order total / shipping

  12. Benoy says:

    I will be waiting for your product to be released. All I want is a cart which is constantly evolving like wordpress. This sharpens all features step by step and makes it stand out. I am finding that constant update in you and your team. Keep up the great work. Will get your cart once you are done with the release. Please do keep in mind the social media integration as well.

  13. albahrain says:

    Our main concern multi language, for now once we need to upgrade our cs cart we will lose all our css translation + file modified and specially RTL,
    I hope you can solve that, and the default website language needs to be fixed since its now working now in 2.2.2
    Languages we are using (Arabic / English) today we cant upgrade to 2.2.3 because we will lose the paid translation we brought

  14. Simon says:

    Which version is social media integration planned for? By this I mean that its included by default on product pages and product detial pages for sharing and posting to FB/Twitter/Google +1

    Can you ellaborate on the Block improvement changes. For SEO purposes, it’s needed to configure a footer with many links on different pages.

    Will there be a way to increase the width of blocks and width of the pages without having to edit TPL files on the backend?

  15. John says:

    I don’t understand, they seem to leave out the most important basic functionality in an eCommerce software.

    You want to make cs-cart the best. Improve the SEO and the mailing system, as well the other basic ecommerce functionalities.

    1) The SEO is not too custom friendly at all. Yes, you have a plugin but it does so little. For example, I cannopt customize my title format. What if I wanted something on every page. Buy {Product} that’s top selling in {category} today! It can’t be done from the user interface. Moreover, look at the default cs-cart breadcrumb: Home :: Instructional DVDs :: Best Of LiveStock

    This is bad default name. You want to uniqueness to be shown first.
    Therefore, it would be (Unique Product – Category – Then Home) not the other way around.

    Another thing: Why use “::”? From all my years in internet marketing, I’ve never seen such usage. Use either “-” or “|” . That’s it! (Though, “-” is preferred)

    2) Mailing System: People need to use Email Service Provider, not their crappy servers that may have bad delivery rate to mail their customers.
    Cs-cart need to integrate these top email providers into their ecommerce software:,,, . Why? Go on google, and type ” Why use an email service provider? (esp)”
    Very important feature! Sending mails from your shared host or private server is a big mistake! Any expert should know this!

    3) Abandon Shopping Cart Reminder: The keyword here is “Reminder”. Yes, you can see who abandon shopping cart, but there is not automation to remind your clients to complete their purchases, by sending them automatic emails with their abandoned shopping cart!

    This will improve the conversion rate of your online store and increase the number of orders through this module!

    Each time a client creates a shopping cart on your online store without completing the order process, an automatic reminder email is sent to encourage him to complete his purchases.

    4) Facebook Store NOT Ebay!!! Ebay is so 2003

  16. Denis says:

    {if !$smarty.foreach.bkt.first}{$i.title|unescape|strip_tags|escape:”html”}{if !$smarty.foreach.bkt.last} :: {/if}{/if}
    here you can change :: separator – this code in index.tpl file of active skin

  17. albahrain says:

    why you dont create native facebook app , to show products there ..

    like vbulletin did ?

  18. Katrin Kopytina says:


    In my opinion the big lack is the impossibility to change a variable:
    //Database tables prefix
    define (‘ TABLE_PREFIX ‘, ‘ cscart _ ‘);

    - At installation CS-Cart
    - And at automatic updating

    I establish TABLE_PREFIX manually , because I do testing new CS-Cart-sites on the hosting, with the limited number of databases.
    If it is necessary to make automatic updating of the version each time additional tables with define (‘ TABLE_PREFIX ‘, ‘ cscart _ ‘) are created;

    I already asked such question through Helpdesk (Jun 11, 2010, 11:31 ID: #100217504).

  19. perfect ipad says:

    I really enjoy this template you have got going on in your site. What is the name of the design by the way? I was thinking of using this style for the web page I am going to create for my class project.