Twigmo 1.8: Block Manager Support


Twigmo, a set of tools to make CS-Cart more mobility-friendly, has been updated to version 1.8 today.

In addition to multiple bug fixes the new release includes block manager support. Now the home page content of a mobile storefront can be customized via a special tab on the Blocks page in CS-Cart admin panel. Add custom HTML blocks, category and product lists in an easy and clear way to make your mobile storefront home page unique and helpful for your customers!

Twigmo Front-End Customization

Download and install

CS-Cart 2.1.4 and 2.2.x users (the earlier versions are not supported) should download the new Twigmo Add-on and reinstall it in their CS-Cart installations following this guide.

Note: After copying the new add-on files to your CS-Cart installation it is necessary to uninstall and install the Twigmo add-on on the Add-ons page in the CS-Cart admin panel for the update to be applied.

Twigmo Add-on 1.8 is already included in the latest release candidate (RC 6) of the upcoming CS-Cart 3 (and the add-on is missing in the earlier release candidates), so it is not required to download any files manually if you test this CS-Cart version.

If you have any questions regarding Twigmo, installation process, customization, or pricing, do not hesitate to leave comments right under this post or on the official Twigmo Facebook page. We are happy to assist you!

Twigmo has just gotten its own Twitter page, where all the latest news and feature updates will be posted.

Your suggestions and ideas, as well as bug reports are also highly appreciated.

2 Responses to “Twigmo 1.8: Block Manager Support”

  1. pso2 meseta says:

    Is Twigmo 1.8 only tool to make mobile storefront?

    • Hello,

      Twigmo is a 3-piece kit: Mobile Front-End, Mobile Admin and Twigmo Add-on for CS-Cart.

      With the help of these tools you can set up and customize a mobile storefront, connect it to your CS-Cart store, as well as administrate the store from a mobile device via the Mobile Admin.