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Today I would like to talk about design.

For most people design and all things related are rocket science, and leading a design project is like first landing on the Moon – an unprecedented, unknown, unclear and incomprehensible journey. Still, it is hard to deny that in a modern world design has become the driving force for business industry, the basis for innovation and a strong competitive advantage. Design creates, promotes, develops and guides a product. The risky Moon landing is no longer an option but a vital necessity.

«Where can I order design for my website? How much will it cost? What steps are there in the design process? What do I need to have to start?» – we know that sometimes even easy questions like these can turn into hard obstacles delaying getting new design. That is why we have updated the Design Services section on our website to make selecting the right service easier and ordering it faster. The latter is achieved by an automatically generated questionnaire specific for the chosen service. The questionnaire is short but covers the most important topics. The answers form the initial design request and help us understand client needs better.

Anna Belozerova,
Head of Design Department:

«We are absolutely sure that design is more than a fancy «image» to decorate a website. We believe it is the driving force of your business. Design determines how interesting, easy and comfortable it will be for the customers to visit your online store. Design defines the style, structure and the very functioning of an online store, it creates an impression and controls it. Keeping that in mind we create functional and unique designs for our clients every day. Our team sees every new project as a challenge, an opportunity to prove the essential role that design plays in your business success, and that the most profitable investment is investment in design.»

When ordering a design project it’s all about right timing, clear vision of the project routine and understanding how the total cost is built. The updated design services take care of all these things. Now working on a project is simple and plain for both parties. We hope you will be able to find the perfect solution to meet your budget and goals right on our site.

Take a look at our portfolio and let’s start!


9 Responses to “Updated Design Services by CS-Cart”

  1. lovecscart says:

    The portfolio web design make me curious which not showing until end after first page portfolio. also can you please add approx price of portfolios so customers can consider with design and use it as refrence? Thanks and really appreciated.

    • Hi!

      Thanks for the tip, the prices for the portfolio items are going to be added shortly.

      Pardon me, I could not quiet understand what you meant in your first sentence. Could you please specify?

  2. Brandon says:

    It seems CS-Cart is getting distracted from the core functionality with services like this, searchanise and twigmo.

    • Dear Brandon,

      You are not quiet right in your judgement here. We’ve been offering our custom services like design creation and custom development since the very beginning of CS-Cart evolution. Consider this post as a reminder and advertisement of our design services.
      As for Twigmo and Searchanise, they are developed by separate developer teams, so they do not distract our main resources from developing CS-Cart software.

  3. Jasmine says:

    Ya, Cs-Cart, please focus on the core functionality.

    • Dear Jasmine,

      We appreciate that you care about CS-Cart and its further evolution. Thanks a lot!

      We have a full department working merely on the core functionality, and the custom services we provide do in no way hinder the core development for they are entirely performed by another department.

  4. Andy says:

    I think its good that you can offer this. Here are my thoughts… When you are the developer from the software you have the best knowledge than others how to create a design and how to integrate it. At the end you should be more professionall than other cs-cart design companies and you should be cheaper totally. Cheaper because you are fatser than others, because you have code cs-cart. Correct me if my thoughts wrong.

    Second, i checked this http://www.cs-cart.com/design-configurator.html why it´s only for cs-cart templates 2.XX and not for cs-cart 3.XX?

    best regards


  5. Andy says:

    PS: I have checked the configurator and used only standard designs with highest price, so when i add only the highest price for every step the total of a template is 1,835.00 USD thats for my meaning too much, because you have nothing to so woth custom, there are only default things. So from my site you get rating 5/10

    • The Design Configurator is a tool for smaller-scale changes rather than a full redesign.
      So actually picking all items may indeed sum up to a significant amount, though in case you really need the whole site redesigned Custom design service will be the best choice.