Twigmo 1.10: New Skin, E-Goods Support and More

New Twigmo Blue Skin

Today Twigmo team is proud to announce that another version of the CS-Cart mobile commerce kit is released.

Apart from the bug fixes Twigmo 1.10 brings the following new features:

  • Additional mobile front-end skin (and more skins to come!)
  • Full product option support in inventory
  • Downloadable product support

Download and install

The latest version of Twigmo Add-On is included in CS-Cart 2.2.5, which is also released today, and will be included in the upcoming CS-Cart 3.0.2.

You can use this new Twigmo Add-on on previous CS-Cart versions as well — CS-Cart 2.1.4, 2.2.x and 3.0.1 (except Ultimate Edition) are supported. Follow the official guide to download and reinstall the add-on in your CS-Cart installation.

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As always, we are keen to know your suggestions and ideas, as well as bug reports to improve Twigmo.

7 Responses to “Twigmo 1.10: New Skin, E-Goods Support and More”

  1. Edward says:

    The backend does not work correctly. This is an ongoing issue from previous upgrades. I get an order on the store. I got to my Twigmo app on my iPhone to see what the people ordered. I see a name, an email, a shipping method and a total. No products!!! What did they order? Please fix this. This has been an issue for at least two upgrades of Twigmo.

    • Dear Edward,

      This fix is already applied, but the updated version is not yet available in AppStore due to bureaucracy reasons.

      We are ready to provide you with the fixed app version immediately, please follow the instructions on the forum.

  2. sameh says:

    when it will be supported for CS-Cart Ultimate ?

    • I am unfortunately not able to provide you with such information at the moment.
      Twigmo team is currently working on it, they will announce Ultimate support as soon as it is completed.

  3. Brandon Smith says:

    Still doesn’t work on IE browsers including Windows Phone and soon to be Windows Surface. I mentioned this bug to Twigmo support last year and they said they would fix it, but nothing has changed.

  4. Brandon Smith says:

    Should have said Microsoft Surface