Twigmo 2.1

Hello everybody!

Twigmo Store Home Screen IconWe are happy to introduce to you Twigmo 2.1 — the first minor release of the Twigmo 2.x branch.

Twigmo 2.1 is aimed to fix the bugs discovered in version 2.0 and also introduces the following improvements:

  • JavaScript banner rotator
  • Ability to upload an icon for iOS home screen
  • The latest jQuery Mobile 1.1.1 is now used
  • JavaScript and CSS optimization (file sizes reduced by up to 40%)

Visit with your iOS, Android or Windows Phone 7 device to see how the mobile version of your online store can look.

All existing Twigmo users can install the new version manually by following this guide.

Twigmo developers are keen to hear any feedback about Twigmo service — both positive and negative. If you have an improvement idea or just want to express your opinion about the software, feel free to leave comments right below or contact the developers directly via Twitter and Facebook. Technical support is provided via our Customer Help Desk.

4 Responses to “Twigmo 2.1”

  1. Frida says:

    Hi! How can we translate our Twigmo store? Like the share tab in detailed product view, also “Desktop site” and “Powered by Twigmo”? Is it allowed to remove or change the powered by link, and add our company name instead? If so, how do we do that?


    • Dear Frida,

      You are free to translate your Twigmo store right from the CS-Cart admin panel. You can edit all language variables under Administration -> Languages. All Twigmo-related language variables have a “twg” part in their names, so just enter ‘”twg” as the search pattern to see all the values you might like to edit.

      The Powered by link can be removed only by purchasing a commercial Twigmo plan (see the pricing). Although the public sales have not yet started, you can contact us via Help Desk to remove the link and enable a plan for your store individually.

  2. P Jensen says:

    I tried this one and the previous version. When i activate it for iPhone it just sais “Loading” and nothing happens. I had to deactivate it – again.