CS-Cart 3.0.5 is Released


CS-Cart 3.0.5

Today, we have another minor CS-Cart release to introduce to you.

CS-Cart 3.0.5 is a maintenance release; it includes mostly bug fixes and improvements on the existing functionality. Lots of new features (some of which are mentioned in this post) will be introduced later, in the upcoming CS-Cart 3.1.1 which is currently under intensive development.

Nonetheless, several new features are included in CS-Cart 3.0.5 Russian build.

See the full changelogs for both international and Russian builds on our site.


An existing CS-Cart 3.0.x installation can be upgraded to the latest version via the Upgrade Center in the CS-Cart admin panel. The number of upgrade package downloads is limited within the first few days to avoid server overload, so if you do not see the upgrade available in your CS-Cart admin panel, please wait. The upgrade should be available for all CS-Cart owners by the end of this week.

CS-Cart 3.0.5 is also available for download for all valid license owners from the File Area page in their Help Desk accounts.

We are open to your ideas and improvement suggestions. Use our UserVoice to post new suggestions, or to vote for the existing feature requests.

Submit any bugs found to our bug tracker.

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15 Responses to “CS-Cart 3.0.5 is Released”

  1. Miracles says:

    Nice to see new version but can you tell me the date when will be the 3.1.1 will be going to release… this month or next month ?

  2. Orçun Oruç Aykaç says:

    Hi. I am looking forward to the new version. I am planing to buy CS-CART. But, I wolld like to download CS-Cart 3.0.5 release and test it on my localhost.

  3. david says:

    i notice that there is an addon called ” The Currency rates synchronization add-on added” for russian build, can i use it for my internation edition ?i like it very much.

  4. Papetarie says:

    the new version 3.0.5 include new version of admin panel?

  5. pakonm says:

    Since upgrading to 3.0.5 we have had issues with our IP address getting BLOCKED via our server. To many connections. (SYN_RECV) Anyone else getting this?

  6. Papetarie says:

    Add option to print product in that sections view purchased products