CS-Cart 4 Final Is Here!


Today, we are extremely proud to present to you the final release of our latest product—CS-Cart 4.0.1.

CS-Cart 4 is a long-awaited release with many hot features. This version is more powerful, faster, and easier to customize than any previous CS-Cart version.

This version also denotes a new turn in the CS-Cart evolution—more community-driven, flexible, and stable. It is the first step in our big plans for the future.

CS-Cart 4 Final


In our previous announcement, we already described some of the CS-Cart 4 features including the real-time theme editor, new installer, and more.

Thanks to the feedback we’ve collected since the first beta release, we have polished the release and made some important improvements, such as re-organizing of the administrator’s area for easier and more logical navigation.

As promised in the special offer announced earlier, the three most active beta-testing participants will be rewarded with Ultimate licenses. We will reveal the winners soon.

CS-Cart 4 Final: Themes

There are additional features to describe. We will tell about them in our next posts in this blog.

The full list of changes can be found in the changelog.

Editions, Modes, and Pricing

CS-Cart 4 is available in two editions: Ultimate and Multi-Vendor. Professional edition has been discontinued according to our plan to simplify our edition policy.

CS-Cart Ultimate can now be purchased with only a single storefront to fully replace CS-Cart Professional. It can be easily scaled up to any number of storefronts if required.

In this version, we re-introduce the opportunity to use CS-Cart software for free with the Free mode in Ultimate edition. In this mode, you have access to a limited set of eCommerce tools suitable for small and early-stage businesses.

Both CS-Cart Ultimate and Multi-Vendor can be used in the Trial mode (available only once per person). This mode does not require a license but provides access to all CS-Cart features for 30 days. After the trial period is over, you can either purchase a license or switch to the Free mode.

Here are the new prices for both editions:

  • A lifetime CS-Cart Ultimate license with one storefront costs $395, and an additional storefront for an existing CS-Cart Ultimate license costs $245.
  • CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is now available only on an annual subscription basis for $590. Access to software upgrades during the year is included in the price.

CS-Cart 4 Pricing

Russian Build

The same editions are available in the special Russian build as well (but we temporary do not sell new Multi-Vendor Russian Build edition licenses.) As usual, it includes additional Russia-specific eCommerce tools. See the full changelog for the Russian build.

Get it

Download CS-Cart 4 from the official website.

Purchase a commercial license for Ultimate or Multi-Vendor to unlock the Full mode.

If you are already a license owner and have an active upgrade subscription, you can download your own installation package directly from the File Area in our Help Desk system.

Upgrade from CS-Cart 3

A CS-Cart 3 installation cannot be upgraded to version 4 via the built-in Upgrade Center, but it will be possible to copy the most essential data (products, orders, users, etc.) from a CS-Cart 3 database to CS-Cart 4.

Data will be imported with a special add-on in CS-Cart 4; we are currently working on it. In other words, at the moment (on the date of the CS-Cart 4.0.1 release), data cannot be transferred from CS-Cart 3 to CS-Cart 4. The data import add-on will be included in one of the next minor CS-Cart 4 releases.

Raw CS-Cart 3 templates are not compatible with CS-Cart 4 because it uses a different theme format. The new themes can be easily customized with no need to manually edit any CSS or template files. We will publish a guide to creating CS-Cart 4 themes in the near future.

Most custom CS-Cart 3 add-ons/modules are not compatible with CS-Cart 4 either and require adaption.

You are welcome to ask any questions regarding CS-Cart 4.0.1 right here in the comments. We’ll be happy to answer.

If you find any bugs, please use our bug tracker to report them.

Tune in to our Twitter and Facebook to get the latest CS-Cart news.

73 Responses to “CS-Cart 4 Final Is Here!”

  1. Louis says:

    Congratulations! It seems that the download link for multi-vendor v4 edition is not updated yet?

  2. Denis Gomes Franco says:

    I can’t see CS-Cart 4 in my Files area on the help desk.

  3. Liam O'Leary says:

    Great, we can’t upgrade from v3, current v3 themes won’t work neither will custom v3 add-ons. Can’t wait to let all our clients know about this update.

    Please tell me that recently bought CS Cart 3 licenses (still with 12 months of upgrades and support) will work on CS Cart 4 or do we need to purchase a new CS Cart 4 license?

    • Dear Liam,

      Sure, the active upgrade subscriptions will be valid with CS-Cart 4; no need to purchase a new license to get an upgrade subscription.

      CS-Cart 4 is an innovative release, with new features and a couple of new approaches used. The clients who are happy with CS-Cart 3 (or even 2) and do not need the new features are welcome to continue using them—we will continue providing technical support and custom modifications (if necessary) for these versions.

      • aditya says:

        When active upgrade subscription is over after 12 months of cs cart 3 then?
        how will we get the upgrades?? do you have to pay 590$ per year?

  4. Michael says:

    How about upgrade from 2.2.x? The article only mentioned upgrade from v3

    • Dear Michael,

      We plan to release the import tool that will perform import from both CS-Cart 3 and 2.2.x to CS-Cart 4.

      • Michael says:

        *sigh of relief*. I thought i just wasted money on the upgrade. thanks!

        now any ETA you can share on the import tool?

        • Dear Michael,

          It depends on the feedback we collect now; normally it takes a couple of months to collect and process the feedback and prepare a minor release.

          I cannot be any more specific now. We will be able to introduce more precise figures later.

          • Brandon says:

            A couple months to release the import tool! Awful, just plain awful! We have been making plans around version 4 and now we have to wait months after planning our launch around this release.

          • DAVID says:

            you will make me dead.
            my v3.06 site is very very slow,it always show 504 gateway time-out when check out or go to shopping cart,we lost many orders in the past month to wait for the updation,but now you said it will take couple of month to release the update tool!!!i can`t wait any more

  5. Brandon says:

    When is the import tool expected to be released?

  6. Jacques says:

    I’m happy about the release, but I see no mention of an import tool from v2 to v4. I hope you still plan on releasing this as well.

  7. Dion R. says:

    The layout and theme design options look great, but the inability to port from V3 yet is really a let down. As soon as the transfer application is ready, I’ll actually be able to get familiarized with V4.

  8. Vladimir says:

    Can I upgrade from CS-Cart Professional Edition to CS-Cart 4? What are the conditions?

  9. Brandon says:

    I played around with the theme editor and while it covers a lot of things and is a great first step, there are many things that it doesn’t cover (such as menu fonts and turning off menu/button gradients).

    So will we still be able to edit the CSS directly with the my changes addon to further customize what the themed editor won’t do?

  10. Straz says:

    Great news- I can’t wait to use the new version!

    I don’t see the download link under file after logging on to the help desk. Could you please direct me to the link? Also, when will updated user guide for the new version and installation guide be published in PDF? Thanks!!

  11. Klarsan says:

    What about current v3 professional owners? I can download 4.0.1 ultimate with 1 storefront, but what if I wanted to buy additional storefront? Is it available? If it’s not – why and what can I do to make it available?

    • Dear Klarsan,

      We will provide a way to convert a CS-Cart 3 Professional license to CS-Cart 4 Ultimate. With the license converted, you will be able to install upgrades via the Upgrade center and purchase additional storefronts.

      Also, now, you can enter your Professional license number in CS-Cart 4.0.1 Ultimate and use it without conversion. Note that you will not be able to add storefronts until your license is converted to Ultimate.

  12. Wesam says:

    I can’t see the update in my file area. I wanna install it now hurrrrrrry please

  13. wesam says:

    how can i upgrade ?? is it must to see it first in file area, or go to directly to upgrade center in admin panel?

  14. Brian says:

    In a previous blog post about the CS-Cart Roadmap, this text appeared:

    “Additionally, we plan to do some serious work regarding the checkout routine—allow separate checkout for vendors and improve usability.”

    Is the new ‘Etsy’ style checkout included in this release of 4.0.1?

  15. Charles says:

    I am trying to create a custom template addon and it’s not showing in the dropdown when creating a new block. However, I am able to install the addon but not create a new block template.

    I followed this guide http://docs.cs-cart.com/adapting-addon-3to4 with no luck and I think it’s related to the location of my .tpl file. In version 3 this file was in the static_templates directory but I don’t know where it should go now.

    essentially i just want to do exactly what’s in the this tutorial for version 3 http://docs.cs-cart.com/add-on-tutorial. Are you able to provide a simple step by step guide on how to achieve the same?


    • Dear Charles,

      In CS-Cart 4, add-on static templates should go to the ‘design/themes/basic/templates/addons/addon_name/blocks/static_templates’ folder.

      You can easily try it with the help of the My changes add-on: just create the ‘my_changes’ directory inside ‘design/themes/basic/templates/addons/’. Create the directories ‘blocks/static_templates’ inside it and place your template there.

      In your admin panel, make sure the My changes add-on is installed and active.

      After that, you will be able to pick your new template when creating a block of type Template on the Layouts page in the CS-Cart admin panel.

      I hope, this make sense and will be helpful.

  16. Nas says:

    i have a cs-cart multivendor edition v3. i want to upgrade to new version. Now multi vendor edition is yearly subscription. if i upgrade to new version do i need to pay yearly?

    • Dear Nas,

      Your lifetime license will continue to be lifelong and will not be replaced with a year-based subscription after you upgrade to CS-Cart 4.

      The new policy applies to the newly purchased license only.

  17. Vaso says:

    same question as nas above. i dont understand this whole yearly subscription thing. u guys need to understand that most of us who buy your script use it for our clients. so how are we supposed to charge our clients 590 a year for something they think we built for them?

  18. haris says:

    Thanks for CS Cart 4

    Is Amazon S3 already supported? I do not see such an option in cs cart 4 back office or addons?


  19. ika says:


    we would like to buy version 4(Russion version) and our problem is tempalets for version 4.
    I read the following info:
    Raw CS-Cart 3 templates are not compatible with CS-Cart 4 because it uses a different theme format. The new themes can be easily customized with no need to manually edit any CSS or template files. We will publish a guide to creating CS-Cart 4 themes in the near future.

    1. Is it possible to use templates of version 3 for CS-Cart 4 or where can we find templates for cs cart 4. How long do you mean with “in the near future”?
    2. is it possible to buy still the Old version of cs-cart 3.0.x

    • Hello,

      1. As stated above, the templates from CS-Cart 3 cannot be used in CS-Cart 4 without adapting. Currently, there is only one theme for CS-Cart 4, which is available in 3 presets and is included in CS-Cart 4 by default.

      The theming developer guide is planned for publication in the course of the following several weeks.

      2. Yes, it is possible. Please contact our sales department at sales@cs-cart.com.

  20. Allem says:

    Dear Support!

    “A CS-Cart 3 installation cannot be upgraded to version 4 via the built-in Upgrade Center, but it will be possible to copy the most essential data (products, orders, users, etc.) from a CS-Cart 3 database to CS-Cart 4.”

    As I see, standard Adminisration tool can import/export:
    - products
    - orders
    - translations
    - users
    - subscribers

    Which additional things will do your special import/export add-on for transfer v3->v4?

    • Dear Allem,

      Basically, the import tool is planned to be able to import all data except for the store appearance (blocks will be imported.)

      Regarding import from CS-Cart 2.2.4 and 2.2.5 to 4, there may be some difficulty with importing blocks and settings, so we cannot guarantee that they will be imported. Apart from that, the import tool should work similarly for both CS-Cart 3 to 4 and 2 to 4 importing.

  21. Rachel says:

    For those of you on v3 complaining about having to wait for a few months for the v4 import tool, surely you would rather they took a little longer to get it right rather than rush out a buggy tool that may lose/corrupt your data? By releasing V4 as a new-build only tool first they will be able to iron out any kinks before those who are already dependent on a reliable system try to installl. As a web developer I know that there are ALWAYS kinks when launching something new.

  22. Ramesh says:

    Dear Team

    Tried installing V4 on my Hybrid server, but it threw up an error stating that minimum PHP version required is 5.3

    As we are hosting several other older CS-Cart websites on the same server, can you confirm that CS-Cart version 2.1.3 professional will work fine on 5.3 or it will create problems if we run older 2.1.3 sites on PHP 5.3?


  23. Oleg says:

    When I have selected FREE mode in the table “scart_sessions” in the “data” field appears record : 0: {} last_status | s: 6: “ACTIVE”.
    And after logout in the same table in the same field appears a: 0: {} last_status | s: 18: “LICENSE_IS_INVALID”.
    On this basis 30 days after we get a warning in the admin that 30 day period has expired buy the full license or remove it.
    But FREE mode has no time restrictions.
    Such a situation occurred during the installation on the local WEB server.

  24. Crowley says:

    Cs Cart Team,

    Seems that V. 4.0.1 is very bugy and, can you please advise when we can expect the next update.

    • Dear Crowley,

      The nearest minor release is expected in about a month, but I cannot tell you any more precise dates now—it depends on how fast we will be able to polish up the issues reported by the users of CS-Cart 4.0.1.

      If you have found a bug, please report it and help us make CS-Cart better.

  25. Кирил Йовев says:

    I like the improvements of the performance.

  26. See the post I created here on speeding up CS Cart v3 . The stats provided in the post are for a 3.0.4 Ultimate store.

  27. rav says:


    We are planning to hire a mobile app developer developing our own mobile shop for cs cart.

    Is it possible with current API status?

    • Hi!

      Currently, the CS-Cart API provides quite wide possibilities. You can handle, products, categories, users, etc. (see the full list of supported objects in the docs.)

      Most importantly, you can place and modify orders.

      The API will keep being developed and extended, but the current version already allows you to create a mobile app that will be able to do the most functionality of a full-fledged CS-Cart store.

      If you have any specific questions about the API, feel free to ask.