CS-Cart SaaS Is on the Horizon


Today, we have some great news. We’re excited to announce a whole new branch in our CS-Cart product lineup.

The new branch is: CS-Cart SaaS—the cloud-hosted version of the CS-Cart software.

CS-Cart SaaS

What is CS-Cart SaaS?

CS-Cart SaaS is a cloud-based version of CS-Cart to be offered on a monthly subscription basis.

When you host your store in the cloud with our CS-Cart SaaS, you’ll never have to worry about software installation, maintenance, or upgrades—we’ll keep all the tricky business behind the scenes.

It’s the perfect choice for quick starters and for those who don’t like diving deeply into server configuration.

CS-Cart SaaS Sounds Great! How Much Does It Cost?

We’re very proud of our attractive pricing for our SaaS offer.

For example, our starter package (Silver) gives you unlimited traffic and a 500-product catalog—all for just $16/month! That’s a great bargain for a small-scale online business.

Here’s our full CS-Cart SaaS pricing:

CS-Cart SaaS Pricing

All CS-Cart features are available with any of these plans.

When is the Release?

CS-Cart SaaS is already serving our customer personal demo stores. You can try it now, absolutely free. Your personal demo will be 100% identical to what we will ship to our SaaS customers, so it’s the best way for you to see CS-Cart SaaS in action.

We plan to introduce CS-Cart SaaS to the general public by the end of this year. In the meantime, we’re going to complete further tests to ensure that our product is fully stable and reliable, and that it fully meets our customers’ expectations.

We’ll be making a special announcement when the CS-Cart SaaS service is available for purchase.

What Will Happen to the Regular, Downloadable CS-Cart?

Simply put, nothing. You’ll still be able to purchase the standalone version of CS-Cart and we’ll continue to develop and update it. We have no plans whatsoever to discontinue it.

After years of CS-Cart’s success as a stand-alone shopping cart solution, we are extremely excited to explore the new land of hosted e-commerce.

We’d love to know what you think about CS-Cart SaaS. Feel free to share your suggestions and thoughts here in the comments section.

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40 Responses to “CS-Cart SaaS Is on the Horizon”

  1. Ciaran says:

    Great news…cant wait!!

  2. Jan Brun says:

    How about authorized CS-Cart resellers? Will we be able to sell CS-Cart Saas to our customers, or will CS-Cart do all the sales themselves??

    • Dear Jan,

      I cannot give you a straightforward answer yet. The CS-Cart SaaS stability and reliability are our top priority now, so the marketing questions will have to wait a bit.

      Although, our resellers can be sure that we’ll inform them about any sale opportunities as soon as we have anything to offer.


  3. Hao Nguyen says:

    Great! But I have many cs-cart licenses! Can I change to cscart SaaS?

    • Dear Hao,

      Thanks for a great question. We’ll certainly consider some ways to help the existing CS-Cart store owners switch to SaaS, but it is far too early to give any predictions.

      Stay tuned to the CS-Cart news, we’ll surely make an announcement when we have any offer of this kind.


  4. Thank you!

    I have not yet met for multi stores in SaaS CMS.

    Will it be possible in the future, attach to Saas store your own domain name?

  5. John Boland says:

    are the amount of products allowed spread across the stores or are they per storefront.


    • Dear John,

      The allowed product amount is spread across all the included storefronts.

      For example, with the Gold plan, you will be able to have 1000 products in one storefront and 4000 in another. Or any other ratio you want.

      I hope that answered your question.

  6. Jim says:

    When this comes out will we be able to use a domain name without the .my.cs-cart.com/ at the end and will we be able to transfer domain names over to use CS-Cart SaaS?

    • Dear Jim,

      Sure, you will be able to use your own domain name, not necessarily with cs-cart.com at the end.

      Domain transferring, as well as other aspects of migrating to CS-Cart SaaS from regular CS-Cart will be discussed later. We will make a special announcement when we have any information about the migration options.


  7. Rajesh says:

    Great initiative.

    But wow about storefront customization? Will we be able to customize the look of our storefront as per our requirements? Also what about add-ons? Will we able to customize the code or install add-ons?

    • Dear Rajesh,

      Thanks for the good question.

      Yes, you’ll be able to customize the look and feel of your storefront via the built-in theme editor. You will also have the access to your personal template code via the template editor in the admin panel.

      It will be possible to install add-ons from the Marketplace, when it’s released.

  8. Andy says:

    What would be nice to buy a “CS-Cart SaaS Software” to run byself a “CS-Cart SaaS Service for clients” so that i could offer this service byself. How is that?

    best regards


    • Dear Andy,

      I couldn’t quite understand what you meant. Please let me try to clear it up a bit.

      If you are interested in reselling CS-Cart SaaS, then yes, it will be possible. We’ll disclose more information for the resellers later.

      Or do you mean purchasing CS-Cart SaaS Unlimited and then “rent” your 8 storefronts to your clients? It also looks like a viable option as far as you (and your clients) comply to the plan restrictions.

      I hope I could answer your question.


  9. TERMALERT says:

    Getting excited.
    A feature rich and stable cart that will kick the butts
    of Volusion, Shopify & Big Commerce.

  10. TERMALERT says:

    Is this trial actually in this ‘cloud’ right now ?
    Just curious as ( naturally ) speed is an issue for all cart owners.

  11. TERMALERT says:

    Will I ever stop asking questions ?
    With the 2 shop package can I have 2 separate domains ?

  12. TERMALERT says:

    How does this SSL thing work ?
    Do we need to purchase SSL certificates for each store or not at all ?

    • We plan to allow store owners using their own SSL certificates in the future.

      In the first CS-Cart SaaS version, all secure pages (e.g. checkout) will use our SSL certificate and will reside on a common subdomain to avoid warnings.

  13. Ewald says:

    Hi Konstantin,

    Will you still be able to add your own (bought) add-ons in the SAAS version?


    • Dear Ewald,

      CS-Cart SaaS will offer the same set of add-ons as the downloadable CS-Cart, so you’ll have your basic toolkit available by default.

      We will probably make it possible to install third-party add-ons from the Marketplace, but since it is currently under development, I can’t give you any promises now.


  14. TERMALERT says:

    Hi Konstantin,
    1. With SAAS, will upgrades and enhancements happen behind the scene ?
    I would rather focus on my business rather than cart software.
    2. I have a 3.0.6 cart. Will it be possible for CS-Cart support to migrate my 3.0.6 database to my future SAAS cart ( as a paid service of course ) ?

    • Hi, Nick,

      1. Yes, we’ll keep all the software updates behind the scene, so you’ll be able to focus entirely on business matters, not software or server maintenance.
      2. We plan to provide such service for CS-Cart standalone store owners after CS-Cart SaaS is released.


      • Nick says:

        Thank you Konstantin.
        With the flexibility that CS-Cart offers plus a very competitive pricing structure
        we as users run the risk of your company being purchased by some conglomerate
        and being back under the control of those we wished to escape from.
        I hope that you will ride the wave of monumental profits and tell the big guys to ‘stick it’.

  15. Nick says:

    Regarding using our own domain names.
    Will it simply be a matter of changing our DNS info ?
    As you may well have guessed by now, I am not such
    an expert where software is concerned and there are
    more people in my boat than any other.
    When OUR boat comes sailing into your SaaS harbour
    get ready for the disembarkation of more people than you ever imagined.

    • All you’ll have to do to set your own domain name is just enter this domain name in your personal CS-Cart SaaS admin panel and redirect your domain to our IP address.

      Every ship is welcome in the warm waters of the CS-Cart SaaS haven :-)

  16. Denis Gomes Franco says:

    A SaaS solution is simply very welcome – many users would rather focus on their businessess than on their software.

    However, I do like a hands-on approach and I like to customize my software. Also, CS-Cart is not adapted to the brazilian market, so I have to do all my customizations. And thus I ask:

    “We have no plans whatsoever to discontinue it.”

    That says you have no plans to discontinue it right now or for the foreseeable future. But what about the long term? I mean, what happens if you guys decide that CS-Cart 5.x or 6.x will be SaaS only? Interspire did that a while ago, killing its downloadable Shopping Cart and replacing it with Bigcommerce. They’re still providing support for current users, however they’re now stuck with an old version which will not be developed anymore, and now have to either migrate to their solution or change carts altogether if they want to keep having the latest version of the software.

    I really, really love CS-Cart – it beats everything out there that I’ve tried: Magento, Magento Go, Opencart, Prestashop and also many brazilian SaaS solutions such as SoluçõesNet, iSET, Loja UOL, Tray Commerce, etc.

    • Dear Denis,

      I can assure you that there are really no plans to close the downloadable CS-Cart branch now or in the future.

      Standalone e-commerce solutions have been our major business for almost 10 years, and it’s a pretty good business.

      Thank you a lot for the kind words and for your appreciation of our work. We’ll do our best not to disappoint you and other CS-Cart store owners.