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Header Navigation and SEO

By Yan Kulakov, Wednesday, August 26th, 2015 in Articles, Guest posts, Tips and tricks

Often, people may only have a vague idea of what they’re looking for in the Internet. That’s why many people search by a broad keyword.

Broad keywords such as shoes, books, and sports are short and not specific. These keywords are difficult to rank #1, because so many other websites might have articles that mention shoes, sports, or any other broad keyword. However, if you rank well for a broad keyword, you will be receiving a great deal of traffic.

To rank your store for a broad keyword with a high level competition, include the keyword into your header navigation. The trick works because the header navigation has the benefit of being the same on every store page.

How the Trick Works

For example, CS-Cart uses a Product Mega Navigation concept to include links to main categories and subcategories. The Mega Menu links are visible only when the customer hovers a mouse cursor over the header. When the search engine crawlers visit the site, they crawl and index all of the pages in the Mega Menu.

Because CS-Cart Mega Menu links to many categories, all of those categories receive a share of link juice. And because that header with the Mega Menu is the same across every page of the site—every page shares a small amount of link juice it has with these category pages as well. That’s amazingly powerful for SEO.

By contrast, you can use the left navigation that will contain links specific only to the category, or filtered product set that the customer has navigated to. The links in the left navigation have local link juice power. The links in the left hand category navigation share link juice that those less juicy pages have with each other. But they do not get a share of link juice from other departments or from the homepage of your store.

Only links in the site-wide navigation elements, such as the header, benefit from whole-site link juice infusions.

Other site-wide navigation elements, such as the footer or your right or left navigation, will also work fine, if they are the same and present on every store page.

About the Author:

Fotis Kourmadas
Owner and SEO at and CS-Cart Hellas:

Thank you guys for the great opportunity to guest blog at CS-Cart Blog. If any readers have questions or comments, I will gladly answer them. Just contact me at or just post the question below the article.

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Gifts from Japan

By Yan Kulakov, Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 in Articles, Inside CS-Cart, News and announcements


Our partner from Japan, Tomotaka Nakayasu, has published the full CS-Cart Manual.

The manual is on Japanese, so CS-Cart users from Japan will understand CS-Cart and learn how to configure it easily.

To celebrate the Manual release, Mr. Nakayasu sent gifts to us. On August 21, we got the package with awesome stuff from Japan.

In the package we found CS-Cart kimono, and it made our day! Everyone wanted to try it on and take a picture. Maken was the lucky one:

Also, the package contained CS-Cart stickers with a lovely clean look. Now, most of laptops and personal computers in our office have CS-Cart logos on them:

We’d like to thank Tomotaka Nakayasu and his company, Frogman Office, for the lovely gifts!

We hope that this CS-Cart Manual will do much good for CS-Cart store owners from Japan.

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Eye-Catching CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor Stores

By Yan Kulakov, Monday, August 10th, 2015 in Articles, Tips and tricks

People enjoy beautifully designed things. If you were choosing a car from a range with the same top speed, you’d prefer the fanciest one, wouldn’t you?

The same works for online shoppers—they prefer attractively designed web stores. Just as in brick-and-mortar stores, an attractive storefront makes your products seem more valuable and your business—more trustworthy. Attractive design is the key to successful online sales.

Today, we’d like to share attractive CS-Cart store designs and tips on brightening up your storefront.

Three Stores with Beautiful Designs

We have picked three lovely stores on CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor. We hope their designs will inspire you!

Pixel Takeaway

Talented artists from Pixel Takeaway draw caricatures, portraits, and illustrations at a reasonable price.

Pixel Takeaway works on Multi-Vendor 4.0.1, with a storefront created by Simtech Development:

The developers from Simtech Development have written a detailed case study about their work with Pixel Takeaway. Learn how they create beautiful stores such as this one on their website.


Watchstyle sells high-end watch bands. The store works on CS-Cart 4.2.3, and the store owner, Michael Kares, developed the storefront design himself:

Here’s what Michael says about CS-Cart and its design modification capabilities:

I’ve been working in e-commerce for 10 years. In terms of functionality, stability, speed, and ROI, CS-Cart appears to be the worldwide leading platform for small- and medium-size businesses. It is very easy to customize the storefront. I haven’t seen any limitations to modifying the storefront design.


Fameg is an e-store from Poland that sells bentwood furniture. The store works on CS-Cart 4.2.2:

Interactive 360° product view, icons for product features, and real-time product configuration make product selection more visual:

2ML, our reseller from Poland, developed the Fameg store. If you like it, check other websites by 2LM in their portfolio.

How to Make Your Storefront Attractive

  • Use the Responsive theme to make your store look cool on mobile devices (CS-Cart 4.2.1 and newer uses the Responsive theme by default).
  • Choose one of eight built-in storefront styles, or get over 250 extra themes and styles from the CS-Cart Marketplace.
  • Use theme editor to change the colors, fonts, logos, and backgrounds of your storefront without editing the code.

    If you have web design skills, dive deeper into design modification with the built-in CS-Cart template editor. Go to Design → Templates in your admin panel and work the magic.

  • Order the storefront design from a web design company.

In the future, we will send newsletters containing other beautiful stores. Subscribe to CS-Cart newsletters at the bottom of this page so as not to miss new eye-catching designs!

Don’t hesitate to inquire about storefront design in the comments or in the CS-Cart forum.

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10 Years in E-commerce: Onwards and Upwards Together

By Yan Kulakov, Friday, August 7th, 2015 in Articles, Inside CS-Cart, News and announcements

The story of Simtech, our company, started on August 2, 2005, when we made our first sale.

During these 10 years, Simtech has evolved from a small start-up to a corporate group that develops CS-Cart and builds custom online stores for the clients throughout the world.

In 2015, we proudly look at the results we have achieved since 2005: over 35,000 stores work on CS-Cart in 170 countries.

To remember this year, we celebrated our 10th anniversary not as the CS-Cart team, but as fearless treasure hunters!

To get the treasure we had to go through trials and prove ourselves just as in the Fort Boyard game show!

We Tested Our Intelligence

Our guy and the Master of Sticks were picking one, two, or three sticks in turns up from the table. Who picks the last stick—loses.

We worked out the right scheme and won:

We Tested Our Resourcefulness

Filling three tubes with water using a cloth doesn’t seem a hard challenge. The problem was—filling tubes with water squeezed out of a cloth takes time. And we had time to fill only one tube.

Our guys did just fine: first they filled the biggest tube and then other small tubes from the big one:

We Tested Our Courage

The challenge was to get a coin from the bottom of a vessel filled with hissing cockroaches and worms.

Our girls did the job without batting an eyelash:

We Tested Our Stamina

Two bottles of water, two tough guys, and a rope.

Who touches the rope first—loses:

We Tested Our Strength

Winning at tug of war is a piece of cake if you work as one team. Especially when the strongest guys are in your team.

Tug of war was the final trial:

Finally, we got our reward—small bags with the precious treasure:

After the trials, everyone was exhausted and hungry. It was high time for a banquet:

The banquet was over, but the day wasn’t over yet.

Since we’re all sports fans, we spent the rest of the day playing volleyball and bumper ball. Pushing everyone around and rolling all around was a hell of a fun!

Meantime, the sun disappeared below the horizon, and it meant the end of our trip.

These “Fort Boyard” challenges didn’t seem too hard because that day, on August 2, 2015, we completed the hardest one—10 years on the e-commerce scene.

We’d like to thank our customers for their support and loyalty to CS-Cart. We greatly appreciate it!

Soon we’ll get the official pics from our photographer and share them on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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1-Year Licenses Discontinued

By Yan Kulakov, Tuesday, August 4th, 2015 in News and announcements


We have collected the sales statistics of CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor licenses. Unfortunately, the 1-year licenses didn’t gain popularity with our customers in 2014 and 2015.

After much debate, we decided to stop selling new 1-year CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor licenses and concentrate on the lifetime licenses.

Do These Changes Affect the 1-Year License Owners?

No, the existing 1-year CS-Cart / Multi-Vendor license owners will not be affected.

If you have a 1-year CS-Cart / Multi-Vendor license, you continue using it as usual and prolong the subscription on the same terms as you did. In other words, nothing will be changed for you except the ability to buy an additional 1-year license—if you decide to open a new store, the only choice is to buy a lifetime license.

Do I Have Time to Buy a 1-Year License?

We’ll stop selling the 1-year licenses on August 10. You still have time to buy a 1-year CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor license if you want. Of course, if you buy a license now, you’ll get all the support and ability to prolong your license in the future.

A 1-year CS-Cart license offers more features for less money compared to a lifetime CS-Cart license:

  • A 1-year CS-Cart license costs $195. Meanwhile, a lifetime license—$385.
  • With a one year access to Facebook App you can embed your store into your Facebook page to draw more customers. The subscription costs $90/year if ordered with a lifetime license.
  • The eBay Synchronization add-on allows you to sell your products on Ebay. You pay $125 for the add-on if you have a lifetime license.
  • With Twigmo Mobile Storefront your customers feel comfortable browsing your store from mobile devices. A 1-year CS-Cart license includes a one year subscription to Twigmo Basic plan which has a mobile storefront, a mobile app for admins, and the visual editor. The Basic plan costs $90/year if ordered with a lifetime license.

With a 1-year CS-Cart license you save up to $495 compared to a lifetime CS-Cart license on the first year of subscription.

Although a 1-year Multi-Vendor license doesn’t include the Facebook app, the eBay Synchronization add-on, and Twigmo, you still save up to $860 compared to a lifetime Multi-Vendor license on the first year of subscription.

Note, that a 1-year license doesn’t include the subscription to Searchanise Pro. With a 1-year license you get the Searchanise add-on that works for stores with 25 products or less. If you have more than 25 products and want Searchanise features, you should buy their Pro or Enterprise subscription separately.

If you have any questions about these changes, please do not hesitate to ask in the comments or in the CS-Cart Forum.

Thank you.

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