Eye-Catching CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor Stores

People enjoy beautifully designed things. If you were choosing a car from a range with the same top speed, you’d prefer the fanciest one, wouldn’t you?

The same works for online shoppers—they prefer attractively designed web stores. Just as in brick-and-mortar stores, an attractive storefront makes your products seem more valuable and your business—more trustworthy. Attractive design is the key to successful online sales.

Today, we’d like to share attractive CS-Cart store designs and tips on brightening up your storefront.

Three Stores with Beautiful Designs

We have picked three lovely stores on CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor. We hope their designs will inspire you!

Pixel Takeaway

Talented artists from Pixel Takeaway draw caricatures, portraits, and illustrations at a reasonable price.

Pixel Takeaway works on Multi-Vendor 4.0.1, with a storefront created by Simtech Development:

The developers from Simtech Development have written a detailed case study about their work with Pixel Takeaway. Learn how they create beautiful stores such as this one on their website.


Watchstyle sells high-end watch bands. The store works on CS-Cart 4.2.3, and the store owner, Michael Kares, developed the storefront design himself:

Here’s what Michael says about CS-Cart and its design modification capabilities:

I’ve been working in e-commerce for 10 years. In terms of functionality, stability, speed, and ROI, CS-Cart appears to be the worldwide leading platform for small- and medium-size businesses. It is very easy to customize the storefront. I haven’t seen any limitations to modifying the storefront design.


Fameg is an e-store from Poland that sells bentwood furniture. The store works on CS-Cart 4.2.2:

Interactive 360° product view, icons for product features, and real-time product configuration make product selection more visual:

2ML, our reseller from Poland, developed the Fameg store. If you like it, check other websites by 2LM in their portfolio.

How to Make Your Storefront Attractive

  • Use the Responsive theme to make your store look cool on mobile devices (CS-Cart 4.2.1 and newer uses the Responsive theme by default).
  • Choose one of eight built-in storefront styles, or get over 250 extra themes and styles from the CS-Cart Marketplace.
  • Use theme editor to change the colors, fonts, logos, and backgrounds of your storefront without editing the code.

    If you have web design skills, dive deeper into design modification with the built-in CS-Cart template editor. Go to Design → Templates in your admin panel and work the magic.

  • Order the storefront design from a web design company.

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Don’t hesitate to inquire about storefront design in the comments or in the CS-Cart forum.

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4 Responses to “Eye-Catching CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor Stores”

  1. Thanks.
    Very nice site design.
    Why do they still have not moved to the main domains?
    I saw on Merchium design store http://staging.watchstyle.com/

    • Yan Kulakov says:

      Hello Katrin,

      According to the owner of Watchstyle, the store is 95% production-ready. It’s still under development and will be ready soon.

      Thank you for your comment.

  2. Wael says:

    Hello I need to upgrade my web site with a new software plz inform me for help