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CS-Cart 3.0.6 Released

By Konstantin Molchanov (CS-Cart team), Thursday, February 14th, 2013 in CS-Cart releases, News and announcements

PayPal & USPS

Today, we introduce CS-Cart 3.0.6 – a maintenance release with several important improvements and bug fixes:

  • PayPal processing security has been improved
  • A serious bug in the SEO add-on in the Ultimate edition has been fixed
  • USPS shipping integration has been updated to fit the latest service changes

Since the mentioned features are very popular among CS-Cart users, we decided to put thеse patches together and publish them as a separate release.

This release is available in both international and Russian builds.

The patches for the PayPal and USPS issues are also available for earlier CS-Cart versions. Registered users can download them from the File area (in the Updates section) in their Customer Help Desk accounts.


An upgrade can be performed via the Upgrade Center in the CS-Cart admin panel (Administration → Upgrade Center). For instructions, follow the guide in our Knowledge Base or the video tutorial.

Since this version is similar to the previous one, upgrading from CS-Cart 3.0.5 should go quickly and smoothly, without causing any file conflicts.

The number of upgrade package downloads is limited within the first few days to avoid server overload. If you do not see the upgrade available in your CS-Cart admin panel, just wait. The upgrade should be available for all CS-Cart store owners in the course of a week.

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CS-Cart 3.0.5 is Released

By Konstantin Molchanov (CS-Cart team), Wednesday, January 16th, 2013 in CS-Cart releases, News and announcements


CS-Cart 3.0.5

Today, we have another minor CS-Cart release to introduce to you.

CS-Cart 3.0.5 is a maintenance release; it includes mostly bug fixes and improvements on the existing functionality. Lots of new features (some of which are mentioned in this post) will be introduced later, in the upcoming CS-Cart 3.1.1 which is currently under intensive development.

Nonetheless, several new features are included in CS-Cart 3.0.5 Russian build.

See the full changelogs for both international and Russian builds on our site.


An existing CS-Cart 3.0.x installation can be upgraded to the latest version via the Upgrade Center in the CS-Cart admin panel. The number of upgrade package downloads is limited within the first few days to avoid server overload, so if you do not see the upgrade available in your CS-Cart admin panel, please wait. The upgrade should be available for all CS-Cart owners by the end of this week.

CS-Cart 3.0.5 is also available for download for all valid license owners from the File Area page in their Help Desk accounts.

We are open to your ideas and improvement suggestions. Use our UserVoice to post new suggestions, or to vote for the existing feature requests.

Submit any bugs found to our bug tracker.

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Data migration Special Offer Re-Opened

By Konstantin Molchanov (CS-Cart team), Thursday, January 10th, 2013 in News and announcements


Last November, CS-Cart and the service Cart2Cart had a special offer for those migrating from a different shopping cart to CS-Cart.


This was a success, and we are pleased that a lot of merchants have actually used the discount and migrated their online shops.

We keep receiving requests from those who heard about the offer only after it had already expired.

And today, we are happy to announce that the special offer is re-opened!

Starting from today, and up to February 10, 2013, Cart2Cart is giving a 30% discount for anybody migrating from one of the supported eCommerce platforms to CS-Cart.

Enter this special code on the Cart2Cart checkout to activate your discount: CS-CART-GIFT

Also, CS-Cart will compensate up to $400 off the migration cost to those who redeem the discount code.

Read the full offer conditions in the previous promo blog post.

This is a limited time offer, and you should contact us no later than February 15, 2013 in order for you to receive your discount. Enclose your Cart2Cart migration number, date, and total, as well as the CS-Cart edition you want to purchase.

Read more about Cart2Cart pricing and service conditions on the official website.

Twigmo 2.4: New Skin, Language Selector, and More

By Konstantin Molchanov (CS-Cart team), Friday, January 4th, 2013 in News and announcements, Twigmo releases


Today, the Twigmo team has released a new version of the CS-Cart mobility kit.

Twigmo 2.4 includes the first additional skin (we called it Handbag) and language selector:

Product page and Language Selector

The new skin can be selected from the Twigmo add-on settings page (in the CS-Cart admin panel) after upgrading to version 2.4. The look and feel of the new skin is editable separately from the
default one, because it has its own custom CSS file (located in the skins/basic/customer/addons/twigmo directory of a CS-Cart installation).

The added language selector (displayed at the bottom of the mobile site) allows a customer to change the language manually (in most cases, this will not be necessary, because Twigmo detects the client’s mobile browser language automatically). The available languages comes from the desktop version of the online store (powered by CS-Cart).

Another important improvement is the revamped Add to cart scenario, based on client feedback. Instead of the Twigmo standard notification, we now display a pop-up dialog box (see the screenshot below). An effort has been made to make every next step obvious and clear for customers.

Apart from that and some bug fixes, Twigmo 2.4 introduces:

  • Payment instructions displayed on the order details page
  • Discount prices displayed on the category and product details pages
  • Support of additional product tabs (only product, category, and HTML blocks) on the product details page
  • Pop-up notifications disappear either on timeout or by tapping

The full list of changes is available on our site.

Add to Cart Notification, Discounts, and Product Tabs


Twigmo 2.3 users will receive notification about the available upgrade in their CS-Cart admin panels. The upgrade process is fully automatic, but it must be initiated manually on the Upgrade tab of the Twigmo add-on settings page.

In order to upgrade Twigmo manually from version 2.2 or an earlier version, follow the manual upgrade guide.

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New Admin Panel in CS-Cart 3.1.1

By Konstantin Molchanov (CS-Cart team), Wednesday, November 28th, 2012 in News and announcements

Good day, folks!

Today, as the next CS-Cart release is on the horizon, I would like to tell you about one of the most noticeable changes to be introduced: the new fully redesigned CS-Cart administration panel.

Look and Feel

Our goal was to improve the usability of the CS-Cart admin area by simplifying the visual style and providing the interface that would be easy for users to familiarize themselves with.

The New Admin Panel Dashboard

In order to achieve this, we used the acclaimed Twitter Bootstrap framework. It has proven to be the right tool for creating the handy and neat interface we wanted.

Settings Wizard

Settings wizard is one of the new features to be introduced in CS-Cart 3.1.1

Thanks to the familiar design elements, the new admin panel is much easier for new users to learn.

The structure of the panel is inherited from the previous version, so experienced users will also not have any trouble adjusting to it. Performing daily administrative operations will be more comfortable.

Product Menu

Behind The Scenes

While working on the new administrator area look, we took the opportunity to revise the technical background as well.

The back-end has been reimplemented using the latest web technologies and standards, such as HTML 5 and CSS 3.

As a result, we have achieved general performance improvement and a tidier source code, which means easier maintenance in the future.

The work is still in progress, and the CS-Cart admin panel still needs some polishing and optimization.

You can try the new admin panel in action online in the Labs on of our website (fill the prompted HTTP authentication dialog with your CS-Cart Forums login and password).

The new admin panel (along with numerous other new features to be announced later) will be included in CS-Cart 3.1.1. Its release date it not yet confirmed, so stay tuned to CS-Cart news on Twitter and Facebook.