Preparing Your Ecommerce to Go: From Local to Global Scale

By Yan Kulakov, February 25th, 2019 in Guest posts


Erica Sunarjo graduated from South Texas College majoring in Marketing and Creative Writing. She used her knowledge to make a difference in the realm of business copywriting and invested heavily in traveling and language learning. Find her on LinkedIn and Facebook.

SMB’s have long thought that moving into global markets was just beyond their capabilities—that it would be too expensive, too complicated, and would involve a lot of red tapes, loads of research, and tough marketing.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, today, it is easier than ever, given the tools that are now available to smaller businesses to establish a foothold in foreign markets. And why is this? Because countries all over the globe have come to accept this new global economy, and the taxation, legal issues, and even shipping, have become far laxer.

If you have reached a plateau in your business, in terms of a customer base, and need additional markets to grow your company, then going global is probably your single option.

So how do you go about doing this?

Well, there are several strategies and tools that can make your global e-commerce goals totally reachable. Those strategies and tools revolve around three major activities—assessing market viability, developing strategies for moving into those markets, and then developing solid marketing plans to attract your target audiences in those markets.

Yes, there’s a lot of detail involved in other areas of expansion. But, for the most part, these can be handled by third parties, often at very low cost.

Let’s take a look at these three major activities.
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Online Merchandising: How to Increase Sales in an Online Store

By Yan Kulakov, February 21st, 2019 in Guest posts


Maksim Komonov is an e-commerce geek who loves experimenting with different platforms, technologies, services, and solutions. At the moment he is heads up digital marketing for Simtech Development, an e-commerce development firm. He has also been a contributor for Practical Ecommerce.

Offline sales can be increased by placing the goods properly. For the Internet, this is also true. Let’s sort out what techniques of merchandising work for e-commerce.

Why Online Stores and Marketplaces Resort to Merchandising

Classic merchandising can be successfully used to solve the following problems of the online stores and marketplaces:

  • Stimulate sales of certain categories and products.
  • Promote more expensive products.
  • Sell out stale goods.
  • Attract attention to new products.
  • Stimulate the purchase of more goods.
  • Increase the average order value.
  • Create a community of loyal buyers.
  • Maintain the competitiveness of the store.
  • Manage customer behavior.

Now let’s see what and how can be placed on the shelves of an online store to solve these problems through merchandising.
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5 Things to Consider When Choosing an eCommerce Platform

By Yan Kulakov, February 20th, 2019 in Guest posts


Jason Chow is an Outreach Manager and marketer for, where we provide content and marketing for startups and online businesses.

For the last decade or so, eCommerce has been soaring in popularity, with sales increasing by 18% last year alone. Future sales are predicted to increase at a similar rate, so if you’re thinking of starting a business to sell products, you should definitely consider creating an eCommerce store. With a little luck and the right choice of platforms, you could be part of the big boom in eCommerce, and you could have a very successful business.

Capitalizing on this explosive growth in business commerce could be one of the best decisions you ever make. You can start by either hiring a web developer to create your Commerce site, or you can make use of a site which has already been developed, to save yourself some time and money. In order to be sure you’re choosing the right eCommerce platform for your business, some of the following considerations are presented for you to review.
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Seasons of the Consumer

By Yan Kulakov, February 19th, 2019 in Guest posts

Lilian Chifley

Lilian Chifley finished her master degree in Information technologies in 2014 and has been working as an IT teacher in Sydney, Australia for 4 years. She is an expert writer in such topics, as modern education, marketing, self-development, and blogging. Feel free to message her on Facebook.


As the year passes, every business owner notices a fluctuation of profit, new consumers, and production flow. The reason why your business rarely ever moves in a straight or ascending trajectory is that each season of the year carries different consumer needs and habits. Furthermore, with each coming season, your marketing and production activities should also come through a certain change. All of this depends heavily on the industry you are invested in, if you’re selling bottled water, per example, you might experience a spike of sales during the summer, but it’s not as if people will stop drinking water at any particular time of the year.

All things considered, different seasons bring different consumer habits, and this article is here to bring us all a bit closer to understanding how and why individual seasons affect consumer habits.
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Infographic: How Speed Affects Your Website

By Yan Kulakov, February 14th, 2019 in Guest posts


Josh Wardini, Community Manager at Webmastersjury

Creating an e-commerce website has become increasingly easy over the last few decades. Nowadays, all you need is a good platform, and you can create a first-rate store in a matter of hours. You don’t even need to be a web developer—everything happens at a click of a button.

Still, you can’t go into it without knowing what makes a good store. There are a lot of factors that determine a store’s success. A lot of shopping platforms focus on these. A good shopping platform should create stores that are SEO-friendly, user-friendly, and visually appealing.

However, even with all of that, your e-store will probably need some extra optimization. It’s easy for owners of online stores to overlook an important thing or two simply because there are so many things to take care of.

Speed is one important factor that few people address. Even if everything looks fine with your store, things like unoptimized images or too many page elements can hurt page load times.
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8 Powerful Multichannel Marketing Tips for E-Commerce Brands

By Yan Kulakov, February 13th, 2019 in Guest posts


Becky Holton is a journalist and a blogger. She is interested in education technologies and is always ready to support informative speaking. Follow her on Twitter. Waiting for your answer.

E-commerce is a rising giant that completely disrupts traditional retail. The industry is already worth almost $3.5 trillion globally and is predicted to grow by more than 30% in the next couple of years. This means online retail has become a lucrative business, particularly if you are able to develop a good marketing strategy.

However, e-commerce professionals have to know that over 70% of consumers say they would rather connect with brands and businesses through multichannel. Shoppers quickly switch devices and communication channels, so you need to provide them with a unified experience across all platforms.

It’s a well-known fact in the digital universe because:

  • Companies with omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain on average 89% of their consumers, a staggering 56% more than organizations with weak omnichannel marketing.
  • Almost 90% of retailers agree that an omnichannel marketing strategy is critical or very important to their success.
  • More than half of marketers use three to four channels of brand promotion.

The real question is how to build this kind of strategy and keep it functional in the long run. We will answer this question in our post by showing you eight powerful multichannel marketing tips for e-commerce brands. Let’s take a look!
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What Things to Look at before You Hire an E-commerce Consultant?

By Yan Kulakov, February 8th, 2019 in Guest posts


Ravi Makhija—a writer, an entrepreneur. Curious about the internet of everything. Interested in the cutting edge landscape of mobile apps and SaaS products. Blogs for Guru Technolabs—A Mobile App Development Company

If you want to succeed in online business, then it becomes important that you should know what kind of strategies you should adopt, what kind of website & mobile app you should design, how to build your brand and so on. However, this is easier said than done because no lay person can have all this information and knowledge. Therefore, you have to take the help of an eCommerce app development company to figure out how to go about improving your online business prospects significantly.

E-commerce App Development Company plays a yeoman service to improve the business profile of an eCommerce company. They have innumerable functions some of which are as follows – looking at the analytics, offering their experience, suggesting the best platform to host the eCommerce website, marketing, competitor analysis, and many more. Therefore, it becomes important that companies take advice from the eCommerce consultant to run their business in a more profitable way.

While it sounds so simple, you have to understand that hiring an eCommerce agency is not so easy as there are innumerable companies that provide eCommerce experts team. Therefore, you need to figure out what are those main points which you should look at before you hire an eCommerce consultant.
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Five Ways to Use Visual Content in Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

By Yan Kulakov, February 7th, 2019 in Guest posts


Dave Schneider is the founder of LessChurn, churn reduction app. In 2012 he quit his job to travel the world, and has visited over 65 countries. In his spare time, he writes about SaaS and business at

E-commerce business owners have a thousand things on their mind. What should you sell? Do you use ecommerce software like CS-Cart or do you create something from scratch? How should you market your product?

As an e-commerce marketer, there are numerous opportunities through which you can engage your target audience. However, many of these come with significant investments in terms of money. A topnotch e-commerce marketing strategy by leveraging content can help increase your conversions and boost exposure without causing a dent in your bank account.

Your goal is pretty straightforward: drawing people to your ecommerce site so they end up buying something. Posting engaging content is the best way to do that and do you know what the best form of content marketing is? That’s right: visual content.

Did you know posts that involve images produce 650 percent higher engagement than posts that just involve text? Not just that, but eMarketer reports that Facebook posts from brands that included images yielded 87 percent of total engagements.

Its effectiveness is exactly why visual content needs to be prioritized for your ecommerce marketing strategy. So, here are four ways you can do that.
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CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.9.3 Are Here

By Yan Kulakov, February 6th, 2019 in CS-Cart releases, News and announcements


We have released CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.9.3. When the last digit of a version number changes, we call that version a patch release. Patches fix errors in the code and introduce subtle improvements. That’s why it’s hard to name this update after any specific topic—instead, we advise seeing the full list of changes in the documentation.
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3 Cold Emailing Strategies to Scale Your eCommerce Store

By Yan Kulakov, February 5th, 2019 in Guest posts


Bridgette Hernandez is a Master in Anthropology who is interested in writing and planning to publish her own book in the nearest future. She finished her study last year but is already a true expert when it comes to presenting text in a creative and understandable manner. She has been working as a contributor writer for many successful writing companies such as RewardedEssays, HotEssayService, and IsAccurate. The texts she writes are always informative, based on qualitative research but nevertheless pleasant to read.

Whether you are an online businessman or businesswoman, eCommerce marketer, or marketplace owner the fact that you are reading this post shows that you have the ambition to improve a certain eCommerce store.

Even though some find cold emailing outdated, we can’t discuss with the numbers which state that some people have reported a 29% response rate, and others have enjoyed up to 60% response rates and 80% engagement rates from cold emails.

Cold emailing can be a very successful sales tool if you use it in the right way. The following 3 strategies will lead you in the right direction and help you to establish long-lasting and fruitful relationships with potential clients.
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