CS-Cart Multi-Vendor was Featured on HostingAdvice.com!

By Yan Kulakov, August 17th, 2018 in News and announcements

“Behind a mantra of constantly developing and never settling, CS-Cart helps online retailers explore the difference between running a web-based boutique or running an entire marketplace with its smart and easy-to-use Multi-Vendor eCommerce software.”

Laura Bernheim — HostingAdvice.com


Lately, we’ve started to discover more and more reviews and mentions of our eCommerce marketplace builder CS-Cart Multi-Vendor. And most of them are positive. We’d like to thank the authors and bloggers who are interested in our software and writing reviews on it.
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Simple & Efficient Ways to Make Your Opt-in Forms Irresistible

By Yan Kulakov, August 15th, 2018 in Guest posts, Tips and tricks

Ben Pines is Elementor’s CMO. He has been in the digital marketing industry for over a decade. WordPress has been his platform of choice since the days when it was only used for blogging.

A crucial element of your landing page is your opt-in form. If you can improve the conversion rate of your opt-in forms, you’ll have a bigger email list and the potential to make more sales.

As you know, however, customers can be stubborn. No matter how much you nudge them in the direction of your opt-in form, they just won’t enter their email address.

What gives?

They aren’t the problem—it’s what you’re offering. To make your opt-in form convert like crazy, you have to make it crazily irresistible.

Fortunately, it’s not rocket science. Let’s take a look at 5 simple and efficient ways to make your opt-in forms irresistible.

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Meet Version 4.8.2 with Improvements for Administrators

By Yan Kulakov, August 15th, 2018 in CS-Cart releases, News and announcements


We have released CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.8.2. As usual, the upgrade might not appear in your Upgrade Center immediately—for the first few days after the release we limit the number of available downloads and distribute upgrades in batches. So if you don’t see the upgrade yet, please try again later.
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Design Your Ecommerce Site For Success: 72 SEO Stats for 2018

By Yan Kulakov, July 31st, 2018 in Guest posts


Josh Wardini, Community Manager at Webmastersjury

Ecommerce is a competitive game. Everyone is trying to one-up the next person in an effort to grab the somewhat fickle attention of visitors. There is little to no room for error here—if your store doesn’t make the grade, visitors have tons of alternatives.

What do you as a business do to stand out? How do you maximise the amount of traffic to your site? You can start by having a look at the SEO tips and statistics in the infographic below, but do you know what the most important rule of SEO is?

Drumroll please, it is the design of your site. According to expert SEO agencies, design is one area where a lot of mistakes are made.

People are so busy trying to incorporate the right keywords or rattling off their blog posts that they forget about one simple element—the site itself. That is the biggest mistake you could make.
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How Can AI Facilitate in Sales Ecommerce Industry

By Yan Kulakov, July 30th, 2018 in Guest posts, Tips and tricks

Robin is a Technical Support Executive. He is an expert in knowledge management and various Knowledge base tools. Currently, he is a resident knowledge management expert at ProProfs. In his free time, Robin enjoys reading and traveling.

Thanks to the tornado of technological advances taking place across the world, there is hardly any individual or organization that is not acquainted with the term AI and this is only if you haven’t been under the ground from past few years. Pun intended!

AI has made inroads in every nook and corner of global trades. Security systems at airports, cash payment system in mobile phones, Google’s predictions related to weather and visual searches in online shopping are just some of the examples of how AI is LITERALLY driving our lives.

Talking about online shopping, it has been with us for more than two decades now and is ever-flourishing, reason enough for the increasing heat of competition among online firms.

With a focus towards retaining clients, online shopping portals are embracing AI to provide seamless shopping experience to their customers. And how can they leverage AI to satisfy their obsession with customer satisfaction? Let’s take a look.

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