The second part of the new CS-Cart release features preview

Hello everybody!

In my previous post I wrote about the new functions and improvements that will be included in CS-Cart when the new release is out. Those things were great, but the features I’m going to tell you about now are hardly less important.

But before we start, I’d like to thank everybody who commented on the first part of the preview. Getting feedbacks (and especially such positive ones) is really important, I appreciate it very much. Please keep on doing so :-)

And now, let’s get on with it!

Customer login via Facebook, Twitter, OpenID and others

CS-Cart is becoming more socialized! The coming release brings on social login — the feature allowing customers to log in to CS-Cart-powered stores using their accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google and many other social services. Well, ain’t that great?

This feature became possible with the help of Janrain Engage, web-service that gives social networking flavour to arbitrary web-sites with user login. We’ve powered CS-Cart with a special add-on that connects your shop with a Janrain account. Just activate this add-on in the CS-Cart administration panel and perform some initial setup to let your customers enjoy social login right away.


Adding social login is a huge step forward in the evolution of CS-Cart. We’re sure our clients will appreciate it at its true value. You can find full list of the supported services here.

“Back in stock” notifications for customers

Another fresh addition to appear is customer notification about the out-of-stock products getting available again. Easy to configure and easy to use, it is a valuable tool: one click for you to turn it on and another one for a customer to sign up — that’s all it takes to keep them notified and help them not miss their purchase.


The notifications work both for registered and unregistered customers: a customer just leaves their email to get notified without even signing on!


Improved 2Checkout Fraud Protection Service integration

2checkoutIn the end I’d like to say a few words about a slight 2Checkout improvement we’ve done. It’s about payment statuses, which have become clearer and more specific: a payment being validated will receive the Open status until it turns Processed or Declined depending on a fraud check result.

Thanks for reading, hope you’ve enjoyed it :-) Remember, your ideas are always welcome at CS-Cart Idea Tracker.

What’s good about the post? What’s bad about it? What do you want to read about in the next one? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment with any question or suggestion you might have! You’ll get a response, I promise.

You can also catch up with us in Twitter or Facebook. Take care, see you next time!

55 Responses to “The second part of the new CS-Cart release features preview”

  1. Adam says:

    This is great! I think this release will be amazing. I am very happy with the progress that CS-Cart is making. Keep up the good work!

  2. pedro says:

    GREAT ! Good job.

  3. Great says:

    Great job on improving and extending the options!
    I do wonder why the social login is only provided as connected to Janrain. Is there no standalone plugin to for example Facebook Connect incorporated?

    • Well, the main reason for us to use Janrain is that integrating so many social services separately would have taken very long time and probably be not worth the effort. By using it, we can offer wide social support right now.

      Also, Janrain is one of the most (if not the most) popular services providing this sort of functionality, so the choice was not a hard one.

  4. Valerica says:

    is nice with facebook :d

  5. Jasmine says:

    These are really good features. I like the social login capability, this will certainly allow more users to login and make purchases! The “Back in stock” notification feature is certainly a great addition as well!

    Simply lovely, can’t wait to see this upcoming release in action!

  6. Tim H says:

    This release will be great! The Back in Stock notification is exactly what my store will need! Not to mention the new admin panel and Customer login looks great too!

  7. Steven H. says:

    Looking forward to the function customer may login via Facebook, Twitter, and ..
    You guys are doing great job.

  8. gugga7 says:

    Great great news for integrating Janrain Engage.

    One question: if user is already logged in facebook before he gets to the cs-cart store, will he be logged in automatically once in cs-cart under his FB account?

    • No, you won’t be signed in automatically. Actually, that would have been kinda creepy, because if a customer is, for instance, registered on Twitter, Facebook and a dozen of other services, what service should be used automatically? :-)

      So, if you’re already logged in Facebook, you won’t have to enter your credentials, just press the authorize button. And it’s the same with Twitter and the others.

  9. gugga7 says:

    Also, would this new release improvements apply to multi vendor edition as well?

    • 4us says:

      CS replied earlier that it will apply to multivendor too.
      I do hope that alot more attention is spent on multivendor for the new version.

      It worries me that looking at the multivendor section of the forum, only 2 points are started or planned. Some point such as for example the own coupon codes for vendors are really vital to decide for CScart when you’re in need of multivendor ( ).

      • Thanks for an interesting point! I’ll ask the architects about this coupon feature, whether it is in development or planned or neither of the above.

        Such comments are really helping, thanks a lot!

        • 4us says:

          Curious to the decision about the coupon feature. This is for both myself as many other potential purchasers, as I have found on my search for a proper system, an important basic feature used in the decision whether or not to purchase.

          • Lewis says:

            4us, your point is definitely right!
            I waiting for that too before I buy it.

            Another thing is the vendor homepage. Why not making
            proper main page of products instead of searched result?

            • 4us says:

              Konstantin, do you already happen to have an update about the coupon feature?
              BTW I just spotted to be very weird in multivendor as well that the administrator can only differentiate user in 2 types: ‘administrator’ or ‘customer’. A clear distinction between administrator, vendor and customer would have higher ease of navigation.

              • Hi! Sorry it took a while, I’ve asked the developers. Unfortunately, the feature is not in development yet, but I see great interest in it, so I’ll try to pay some of their attention to the problem.

                And about that user differentiation. This feature is not planned, too. There’s going to be just two types of users, at least in the near future.

              • Good news!

                I’ve just been told that since this coupon feature is so desired, it’s going to be surely added to one of the next releases!
                That’s all thanks to your feedback :-)

  10. oniN says:


    When will the new features with all this new features be released ?


  11. Stephen says:


    Would it be possible to test the beta please ?

    Thanks in advance.

  12. Bob says:

    If someone signs in using janran, can you still assign a user group to the customer? Currently, the customer has to create an account in cs-cart in order for me to manually assign them to a user group. I have a special group with product discounts so the next time they sign in, they see the new discount prices for certain products.

    • Hi!

      Yes, group assignment is possible for the customers signed in via Janrain, too. An account is created automatically for such a user anyway, so you can manage them like the “regular” ones.

  13. Nick says:

    This rocks you guys! The social logins will be huge. I’m already counting the days until people can login with facebook!

    One suggestion I have that when I create 100% off discount codes users shouldn’t be charged tax still on what’s supposed to be a free order! I created a new discount coupon code that gives 100% discount (free order). However customers in the states we charge tax in are getting tax charged on the free order. If the subtotal was 10.69, they are getting charged .30 cents for tax. Their order total should be zero. I can’t tax them on a free product(s) that makes no sense. This is crucial to doing these types of promotions. It seems like there should be a setting for tax calculation “total after discounts applied” (excluding shipping). For this to be correct with the 100% off coupon, tax should = $0.00 and order total should be $0.00.

  14. 4us says:

    Do you have a multi-vendor demo online of the renewed version? Would like to see if it’s worth waiting for or shouldwrite my SRS for my other system option. Thanks.

  15. Lewis says:

    Can the Powered by Janrain be removed? As usual, I don’t like it.

  16. Jasmine says:

    These previews got us really excited. Can’t wait to see the next update! :)

  17. Brandon says:

    I noticed in your preview screenshot of the new admin panel that the status “processed” still has the same color as “complete”. These are definitely two different stages and as such should be two different colors. May I recommend purple for “processed”?

    • Hi! I find your idea extremely useful, thanks for that. It’s already in the feature request, so it will be a default behaviour in the next version.
      For right now, it’s a bit tricky: you have to edit css to set a specific colour for a particular status.
      I could send you a small instruction, if you provide me with your e-mail.

  18. miracles says:

    Any news when the final release going to be launched ?

  19. Laurynas says:


    maybe you can do ability to give points to users for product reviews and for writing in to discussion section? I think that this will help to get more feedback’s from users and get site more popular and active.

  20. Marina says:

    Any date yet? You did say next week on the 20th.

    • Hi!

      I can’t give you the exact date (not because I don’t want to — I just don’t know it myself :-). The final release has been delayed by another week, so it’s somewhere the next week. Take care!

  21. Foulad says:

    things wish to see:

    1- Mobile Commerce
    2- Custom Form Fields
    3- Sync to Quickbooks pro
    4- Order Messaging System
    5- Export Orders (CSV/XML)
    6- Accept Pre-Orders
    7- Set Min/Max Order Quantities
    8- Order Notifications via SMS
    9- Order Notifications via Windows Live
    10- Built-In Backup System
    11- Remote FTP Backups
    12- Automatic Backups (CRON)
    13- reports by charts

  22. Joseph says:

    Jarain is paid and not very cheap…

    Plus I couldn’t find a way to remove their branding nor change it’s look and feel.

    Disappointed on this one…

  23. Jack says:

    does it a completed version come out ???
    thank you

  24. Simon says:


    When are the storefront features coming? The new admin panel is nice but ultimately does nothing for my site in terms of useability, SEO, and design.

    Roadmap on main CS-CART site is not updated yet.

    In a forum post, the CEO stated that there would be a surprise for CSCART customers in that there will be a few new storefront changes for us customers

    So where and what are they?

  25. Torann Marks says:

    CS-Cart is the best and it keeps getting better, keep up the good work.